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Cheddar Bacon Bomb Burger with Apple-Tarragon Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce & Balsamic Onions

Cheddar Bacon Bomb Burger with Apple-Tarragon Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce and Balsamic Onions.
Cheddar Bacon Bomb Burger with Apple-Tarragon Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce & Balsamic Onions.

I’ve to make a confession: While I’m very open-minded on fancy food I’m absoluty conservative when it comes to burgers. And I really mean it. I still think that Germany has lack of “around-the-corner-burger-stores” that serve you a casual but still excellent sandwich. Instead you find dozens of burger restaurants with creations rather boring and/or redundant. An expensive ingredient here, a rare ingredient there… Seriously, food doesn’t automatically get awesome just because you use expensive, rare or many ingredients. I often tend to think: nothing beats the classic cheeseburger for me.

I got it old man but what about the burger in the picture?

However, in the recent weeks I felt a touch of creativity and I wanted to go for something new. The result is the Cheddar Bacon Bomb Burger I want to share with you.

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A few notes on Weber's Genesis II EX-335

Freshly assembled Weber Genesis II EX-335
Freshly assembled Weber Genesis II EX-335. Spoiler: It didn't stay clean for long.

So I decided to replace my Weber Spirit Original E-210 with a new BBQ station to add quite a bit more BBQ action into my life. The Spirit was my first gas grill and did an excellent job for a “first gas grill”. However, for things like longjobs1 — expecially if you have guests — I considered two zones as a potential bottleneck. As usual I just started a quick study on what is currently available on the market. What then happened is probably quite familiar for many of you. You do a bit of research for a suitable replacement and the next thing you see is yourself in is the checkout process of an online store…

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sciolism 2019 for WordPress

sciolism 2019

As recently announced I created a WordPress version of the Hugo theme sciolism 2019. The theme recently passed the review process on and is now published in the theme repository. In addition you can also grab the theme on GitHub.

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Kickstart 2021 with a little bit of WordPress action

The year 2021 is rather young and many people tend to have new year resolutions. My new year resolution is – just kidding – these usually don’t work out anyway.

Nevertheless, I’ve used the last days to ship an update of e.nigma 2015 which mainly focused on optimizing the code base and providing small fixes. In addition I’ve ported the recently introduced sciolism 2019 theme from Hugo to WordPress. The theme is currently waiting for a theme review so I guess it will take a couple of weeks before it is available in the WordPress theme repository. For the impatient there is of course the change to fetch the theme from GitHub.