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ADNCC API Version 0.6b

A new Version of the API (0.7b) is available here.


The ADN-client-comparison (ADNCC) API enhances the “ADN-Client Feature Matrix” by @nhk in order to offer an API, which makes information about the clients accessible, in a different way then the original Spreadsheet. In detail, The data is pulled from the original spreadsheet and released as an JSON object. This data then can be used in any way.


Beside pulling the whole data, the pull request can be modified. For instance if you would like to pull information about a certain client only, you can limit the number of results by adding the clients name to the URL:

Another example would be that you only want to fetch all android clients. This could be realized by calling:

Indeed, this concept assigned to every key available in the data (e.g. stream_marker_support, interactions_view etc.).

Known Issues

As the API is in beta phase there are several things that need to be fixed, or are not as solid as they should be. It is known that if applying more than two filters, in some cases filters will be ignored randomly. However, the data obtained if using two or no filters worked fine for all performed tests.

Future development

In the near future it is planned use this API in order to build a website, which suggests suitable clients for the user, based on several choosable filters and criteria. It is not known yet if the API filter-options are further developed, because this strongly depends on if it is necessary to build the mentioned website.


PHP is known to decode and encode JSON to and from arrays. An example would be:

The database contains <?php echo count(json_decode(file_get_contents(""))); ?> entries.

Which would result in: The database contains 58 entries.

As the results of the request are in JSON-Format no further explanation for JavaScript-implementation should be needed ;-)


The provided data is neither collated by myself, nor by the developer of the clients. Therefore I’m not responsible for the accurateness of the provided information.

Feature requests, bug reporting etc.

Please report any feature requests and bugs, which were not mentioned in the known issues paragraph, to my ADN account.

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