Playing around with technology

Podlove Publisher 1.9.5

* Contributor Module improvements
* New icon graphics
* "Contributor Groups" as a new way to divide contributors by participation. For example, you might want to have a "Team" group and one for supporting contributions.
* No more default roles. It's just not possible to provide a sensible default set. So just add the ones you need :) (existing roles will _not_ be deleted)
* The contributors defined in `Podcast Settings > Contributors` are now the default contributors for new episodes
* Reworked contributor management table. Better use of space, hideable columns, avatars and more.
* Reworked episode contributor table. Avatars, edit links and more.
* Support for more services
* …and a bunch of other tweaks
* Web Player Update: compatible with WordPress theme "Twenty Fourteen"
* Fix: don't gzip feeds when zlib compression is active
* Fix: episode media file checkbox width for WP3.8
* Fix: menu icons for WP3.8

Normalerweise mach ich ja nicht so einen großen Aufstand bei minor Releases. Aber dieses “minor Release hat es echt in sich ;)

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