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Introducing e.nigma buttons

e.nigma buttons

You all now that: You are using a software which brings a lot of functionality but there is always the one feature that is missing. In WordPress this situation is not as disappointing as for other software because WordPress allows the user to extend its functionality with plugins.

Some weeks ago I started writing on the e.nigma 2015 theme (which is already submitted to the repository but is still in review). Here and there I wanted to extend the theme’s functionality with shortcodes that allow the user to easily add buttons to their blog posts and pages. However, I missed that the WordPress team says1 that custom shortcodes should come with plugins, not with themes. Consequently, I transferred the button functionality to a WordPress plugin: e.nigma buttons.

e.nigma buttons is a lightweight plugin that adresses a common problem that applies to many WordPress users: Visually highlight a link (e.g. a download link). One great solution is the use of buttons.

e.nigma buttons allows you to easily create those visually attractive buttons using a simple shortcode environment.

If you run into any issues or you would like to request features feel free to report them on GitHub. Sounds interesting? Grab the plugin:

The plugin is in active development. Major updates will be announced in this blog and on GitHub.

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