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Projects – Status Review

Release dates of several projects
Timeline with release dates of several projects. Dragons included.

Well, it has been a while…

I won’t comment in detail on what happened in the meanwhile and no, this will not be another of these “but this time I will not give up” posts but let me put it this way: Other things occupied all of my attention. However, things have settled and finally I couldn’t resists to reboot one of my former favorite hobbies: “that web stuff”. Such a restart of your ambitions is a good chance to challenge the status of your projects and see if stuff projects can be sorted out.

WordPress – some general remarks

Developing WordPress plugins and themes was something I spend most of my time with. Amongst those projects you will find a significant contribution to several Podlove plugins as well as plugins and themes released directly by myself.

What you can’t know is that this blog no longer runs on a WordPress instance. There are many reasons – maybe I will write a post on that in the future – for that, including curiosity, that convinced me to switch. Nevertheless, I still think WordPress makes quite a good CMS ❤️ and is probably the best choice for the majority of users. In a nutshell this means, no, I will not stop contributing to WordPress.

e.nigma 2015 & e.nigma buttons

e.nigma buttons recently got an update after I checked compatibility with current WordPress versions (luckily I didn’t had to fix anything). I will keep this plugin alive (I think for the time being it is still quite useful) but currently there are no plans for feature updates.

e.nigma 2015 was my first WordPress theme ever that I released to the WordPress repository. Unfortunately, the theme hasn’t seen any updates in the last years. Recently, I checked it’s functionality against the latest WordPress version. I could not find any major issues, however, to support recent features and fix some minor issues I will update the theme to ensure its compatibility. Another thing on my list is to make the theme more mobile friendly.

sciolism 2019

sciolism 2019 is a project that you are looking at right now1. In fact it is a theme for the static site generator Hugo. Similar to e.nigma 2015 it is quite content focused and thought for blogs. It is planned to release the theme in the near future but currently more time for additional testing and documentation is required.

Side Projects

At last a very brief comment on several side projects (ADNCC, OSF mode plugins etc.): Active development of those projects is stopped.

  1. This post was written in June, 2019 and the blog layout might have changed over the time. ↩︎

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