Playing around with technology


sciolism (countable and uncountable, plural sciolisms)

The practice, or an instance, of expressing opinions on something which one knows only superficially or has little real understanding of.Wiktionary1

Hi I’m Alex.

Originally being a chemist I spend a significant amount of my spare time in playing around with technology. From time to time this yields software or other useful things. Found in 2013 and labeled as e.nigma, sciolism is my personal blog. Here I write about my software projects as well as other stuff like music, games etc.

Yes, this was very likely the most uncreative and boring “About text” that came to your eyes but please find a couple of hashtags representing (tech related) stuff I’m currently2 interested into below (not sorted):

#bbq #anno1800 #hardware

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  2. I will update this list from time to time. ↩︎