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WordCamp Düsseldorf 2019

Release dates of several projects

During a recent WordPress Meetup in Düsseldorf I decided to try out a new way to support the WordPress community by participating in the organization of the upcoming WordCamp Düsseldorf. With respect to the experience made during the WordCamp Cologne 2015 I can highly recommend to grab a ticket and join the conference to anyone of you being interested in WordPress.


e.nigma 2015 1.2

As recently promised I just pushed an update for the e.nigma 2015 theme. The release notes are rather short but contain two important improvements:

* Enhanced experience on mobile devices (theme is "mobile friendly" now)
* Improved compatibility with recent WordPress versions

Since the theme was not updated for roughly four years a couple of minor adjustment were necessary to guarantee compatibility with recent WordPress versions. However, more attention should be given to the improvements with respect to the mobile experience. I made several adjustments to improve the mobile experience of the theme. More ❤️ for 📱.

Fork on GitHub Theme-Repository


Projects – Status Review

Release dates of several projects
Timeline with release dates of several projects. Dragons included.

Well, it has been a while…

I won't comment in detail on what happened in the meanwhile and no, this will not be another of these “but this time I will not give up” posts but let me put it this way: Other things occupied all of my attention. However, things have settled and finally I couldn't resists to reboot one of my former favorite hobbies: “that web stuff”. Such a restart of your ambitions is a good chance to challenge the status of your projects and see if stuff projects can be sorted out.

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Die Heimkino Anlage: Surround-Sound und viel Verwirrung

Nach einer Party Anfang des Jahres haben ich und die Liebste entschieden, dass es Zeit für eine Anlage mit mehr Leistung ist. Bisher war es so, dass ich die Anschaffung von Hi-Fi Equipment im Wohnzimmer als nicht zwingend notwendig betrachtet habe. Zwar sind die Boxen des Fernsehers eher von minderer Qualität, aber dafür dann extra Geld ausgeben? Wenn eine Party anstand, habe ich einfach die Stereoanlage aus dem Büro ins Wohnzimmer umgesiedelt, welcher immerhin eine durchaus brauchbare Klangqualität mit sich bringt. Nichtsdestotrotz war nun die Zeit für eine Neuanschaffung bekommen.

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