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For obvious reasons it is sometimes good to build programs from source. I frequently do that with nginx. To ease this process I’ve written a small shell script to facilitate this job.

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Since version 0.59.0 Hugo supports modules. To be honest I found it rather hard to understand how this works but also what the use cases are. Maybe my mindset is still too used to the WordPress world with all the hooks and filters.

However, I finally found a use case for a module. The purpose of the module is to bring in chartist.js functionality into Hugo. Basically the module is a wrapper that does all the hassle of providing the required resources so you only have to include the head-chartist.html partial into your theme’s header and you can start to create graphs.

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Costs to run this blog

I happily noticed that the number of (self-hosted) blogs I came across has increased recently. The latter ones feature some posts where people did a break down of the monthly costs for their blog. Great idea, let’s see what this means for sciolism.

Hosting & Domain

This blog runs on a small VPS hosted by DigitalOcean. The monthly costs are about $6. The domain is about 9€ per year with DNS being managed via DigitalOcean. The certificates for encryption are provided by Let’s Encrypt and are free of charge.


As every blog or website this blog heavily relies on software. First of all there is the CMS or in this case the static site generator hugo which is free of charge. The webserver on the VPS is a nginx instance - free of charge, too. Other software like a FTP clients, text or graphic editors can hardly be attributed since they are used for multiple purposes.

Wrap up

In total the monthly costs are about 6-7€ which is absolutely ok and underlines that self-hosting is affordable. I think it is important to point out that the costs would be much higher with all components being charged, so it is a good opportunity for a big shout-out to the many (open-source) projects that help to run this blog.

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ten.fifteen: Catalina

A couple of days after the release of macOS 10.15.2 I decided to upgrade my primary working machine to macOS Catalina. While I could find a lot of evidence on several Apple related websites that the upgrade caused issues for many users, a dry run on a testing system made me rather optimistic that the upgrade will run smoothly for me. However, after upgrading I stumbled across two issues which I had to resolve.

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