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e.nigma 2015

e.nigma 2015

e.nigma 2015 is a WordPress theme that was originally build for this blog. It is thought to be used with WordPress Post Formats.

The theme has an accessibility-ready, single-column, contrast-rich structure that keeps the readers focused on the content itself. Menus are located at the top and bottom of the site. In addition, the theme provides an area in the footer to easily add the biography of the author to the blog.


e.nigma 2015 supports most of the features that are shipped with WordPress. But in addition to those typical features like post-formats, the theme provides support for features that are less popular even if they are highly recommended to be featured by a WordPress theme. Here are some of e.nigma 2015’s key features:


A demo of the theme is available in the theme repository.


You can grab the theme from the official WordPress repository or if you are more interested in the details you can find the development version on GitHub.