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Open the current Safari tab in Firefox Developer Edition

Some month ago I decided to split the browser I’m using for development from that one which I use for my everyday tasks. From that day on I used Safari for that everyday tasks. It is a very nice and fast browser. Since Apple introduced that extensions and one had not to go the SIMBL way anymore that browser made an enormous progress in the discipline of speed and energy efficiency. However, there is a feature that is (for me) horrible to use: The developer tools. As Google Chrome had a much better approach, I sticked to Chrome for development.

Roughly a month ago Mozilla released Firefox Developer Edition. A browser adjusted to fulfill all the stuff that developers need for their everyday work. Seriously, it is a really nice alternative to the developer tools shipped with Google Chrome.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that is a really big pain in the neck if you use two different browsers. There are many(!) situations were you want to open the current web page in a different browser. One thing that you can do is copy & paste that URL. This is very time consuming and not really “2014”. As there are tools available like Alfred you no longer need to do things like this manually. For Chrome I always used the Alfred2URLInChrome workflow. You just open the Alfred window type in “Firefox” and there you are. Guess what! A similar Alfred workflow for Firefox is not available.

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Introducing CodeMirror OSF mode

Shownotes in the context of Podcasts are a simple but suitable method to supply related information to the listener. One approach is the Open Show Notes Format which covers a few application fields.

As it name says, CodeMirror OSF mode, is a mode for CodeMirror which highlights OSF documents. The mode is thought to address people that usually write or edit Shownotes.

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Get the Flattr WordPress plugin ready for HTML5

If you are using the Flattr WordPress plugin you can choose between three different modes of button presentation:

If you choose one of the static variants everything is fine using HTML5 markup. Now, if you choose the Dynamic javascript version this will result in an non-valid source code. The reason for that is that the rel attribute is no longer supported in HTML5, what is also said on the Flattr website. However, the fix for that issue is quite simple. Just replace the function getButtonCode (line 644) in the flattr.php in the plugins directory. Note that I don’t check for empty values for the category and the tags field anymore, as my workflow does not include empty categories or tags.

protected function getButtonCode($params) {
  return '
  (!empty($params['title']) ? ' title=" ' . esc_attr($params['title']) . '"' : '') .
  ' data-flattr-uid="' . $params['user_id'] . '"' .
  ' data-flattr-category="' . $params['category'] . '"' .
  ' data-flattr-tags="' . htmlspecialchars($params['tags']) . '"' .
  '>' .
  esc_html(empty($params['description']) ? '' : $params['description']) .

Now your markup should be valid.

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Projekte: Was ist denn nun schon wieder los?

Für alle, die sich gefragt haben: Was ist denn nun schon wieder los? Wieso gibt es keine neuen Beiträge? Die Antwort ist relativ einfach: Ich habe in der letzten Zeit einige Projekte aufgezogen bzw. arbeite an einigen Projekten mit.

Um den Besuchern dieser Website einen etwas besseren Überblick zu verschaffen über die Dinge, welche in meiner Freizeit u.a Treibe, habe ich eine kleine Übersicht erstellt.

Natürlich werde ich weiterhin versuchen hier regelmäßig über verschiedene Dinge zu berichten. Ich kann jedenfalls empfehlen mal in das ABSradio reinzuhören. Dort spreche ich zusammen mit Basti und Sascha über verschiedene Dinge. Wer sich für die Projekte interessiert, an denen ich mitarbeite, kann sich dort auf dem Laufenden halten.

ADNCC Screenshot

Abschließend noch ein paar Anmerkungen zu den Änderungen von ADNCC. ADNCC befindet sich mitlerweile in der Version 1.1 (die Dokumentation der neuen API erfolgt bald). Neben einem komplett neuen Design, lassen sich Clients nun vergleichen und etwaige Vergleiche als URL verschicken. Im Rahmen der Datenpflege könnten wir jedoch noch etwas Hilfe gebrauchen. Weitere Informationen lassen sich auf der ADNCC Website finden.