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e.nigma 2015 1.2

As recently promised I just pushed an update for the e.nigma 2015 theme. The release notes are rather short but contain two important improvements:

* Enhanced experience on mobile devices (theme is "mobile friendly" now)
* Improved compatibility with recent WordPress versions

Since the theme was not updated for roughly four years a couple of minor adjustment were necessary to guarantee compatibility with recent WordPress versions. However, more attention should be given to the improvements with respect to the mobile experience. I made several adjustments to improve the mobile experience of the theme. More ❤️ for 📱.

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Projects – Status Review

Release dates of several projects
Timeline with release dates of several projects. Dragons included.

Well, it has been a while…

I won’t comment in detail on what happened in the meanwhile and no, this will not be another of these “but this time I will not give up” posts but let me put it this way: Other things occupied all of my attention. However, things have settled and finally I couldn’t resists to reboot one of my former favorite hobbies: “that web stuff”. Such a restart of your ambitions is a good chance to challenge the status of your projects and see if stuff projects can be sorted out.

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Introducing e.nigma 2015

e.nigma 2015 header

A while ago I was asked what the theme is running on this WordPress instance. I answered that I made this theme a while ago to be used on this blog. My conversational partner continued: „Is this theme  available for public?“.  There it was, that awkward moment when somebody asks you for a piece of code but you think it is not good enough to be published. „Well… Not yet. But I think I should offer it to everybody“, I replied.

So I started rewriting and optimizing most of the code to finally reach a level that I think is worth to be published. I named the theme e.nigma 2015 to refer to its original purpose to serve as the layout I’m using for my blog. You can find more details on e.nigma 2015 in my Portfolio section. The theme is listed in the official repository and can also be grabbed on GitHub.

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Diese Seite ist jetzt auch über zu erreichen – also quasi mit Verschlüsselung. Leider kann ich kein eigenes Zertifikat installieren, was leider dazu führt, dass ich das Zertifikat meines Hosters nutzen muss. Wenn der Browser also rummeckert – nicht wundern.

Jetzt muss ich noch darüber nachdenken eine Umleitung von http:// auf https:// einzustellen. Ihr werdet es merken. Also Bookmarks umstellen und diese Seite verschlüsselt genießen.

Update: Die Umleitung von http:// auf https:// ist nun eingestellt. Ich denke da spricht nichts gegen.

Update 2: Aus Gründen wieder rückgängig gemacht.

Update 3: Nach dem Umzug auf den Uberspace endlich verfügbar.