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Introducing CodeMirror OSF mode

Shownotes in the context of Podcasts are a simple but suitable method to supply related information to the listener. One approach is the Open Show Notes Format which covers a few application fields.

As it name says, CodeMirror OSF mode, is a mode for CodeMirror which highlights OSF documents. The mode is thought to address people that usually write or edit Shownotes.

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Podlove Publisher 1.9.5

* Contributor Module improvements
* New icon graphics
* "Contributor Groups" as a new way to divide contributors by participation. For example, you might want to have a "Team" group and one for supporting contributions.
* No more default roles. It's just not possible to provide a sensible default set. So just add the ones you need :) (existing roles will _not_ be deleted)
* The contributors defined in `Podcast Settings > Contributors` are now the default contributors for new episodes
* Reworked contributor management table. Better use of space, hideable columns, avatars and more.
* Reworked episode contributor table. Avatars, edit links and more.
* Support for more services
* …and a bunch of other tweaks
* Web Player Update: compatible with WordPress theme "Twenty Fourteen"
* Fix: don't gzip feeds when zlib compression is active
* Fix: episode media file checkbox width for WP3.8
* Fix: menu icons for WP3.8

Normalerweise mach ich ja nicht so einen großen Aufstand bei minor Releases. Aber dieses “minor Release hat es echt in sich ;)

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ABS016 – Funktioniert auch nicht

Unsere sechzehnte Folge bestreiten wir zu dritt. Alex, Sascha und Dominik reden über und viele andere Themen. Neben einem neuem Intro surfen wir quer durch verschiedene technische Themen. Viel Spass!

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ABS015 – Ist da Nuss-Nougat drin?

Unsere fünfzehnte Folge bestreiten wir zu dritt. Alex, Sascha und Dominik reden über und viele andere Themen. Neben einer Trauerminute für Winamp reden wir auch über den veganen Lebensstil. Viel Spass!