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Introducing e.nigma 2015

e.nigma 2015 header

A while ago I was asked what the theme is running on this WordPress instance. I answered that I made this theme a while ago to be used on this blog. My conversational partner continued: „Is this theme  available for public?“.  There it was, that awkward moment when somebody asks you for a piece of code but you think it is not good enough to be published. „Well… Not yet. But I think I should offer it to everybody“, I replied.

So I started rewriting and optimizing most of the code to finally reach a level that I think is worth to be published. I named the theme e.nigma 2015 to refer to its original purpose to serve as the layout I’m using for my blog. You can find more details on e.nigma 2015 in my Portfolio section. The theme is listed in the official repository and can also be grabbed on GitHub.

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Introducing e.nigma buttons

e.nigma buttons

You all now that: You are using a software which brings a lot of functionality but there is always the one feature that is missing. In WordPress this situation is not as disappointing as for other software because WordPress allows the user to extend its functionality with plugins.

Some weeks ago I started writing on the e.nigma 2015 theme (which is already submitted to the repository but is still in review). Here and there I wanted to extend the theme’s functionality with shortcodes that allow the user to easily add buttons to their blog posts and pages. However, I missed that the WordPress team says1 that custom shortcodes should come with plugins, not with themes. Consequently, I transferred the button functionality to a WordPress plugin: e.nigma buttons.

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Historic WordPress

Here are links to static demonstrations of what WordPress looked like in the early days of it’s development.

Wenn schon die ersten Posts à la wie-war-es-damals™ zu einer Software aufkommen, soll das schon was heißen. Ich bin mir nicht mehr ganz sicher, mit welcher Version von WordPress ich zum ersten mal in Berührung gekommen bin. Muss wohl Version 1.x gewesen sein. Es hat sich seitdem wirklich sehr viel getan.

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Tumblr Crosspostr

Tumblr Crosspostr posts to Tumblr whenever you hit the “Publish” (or “Save Draft”) button. It can import your reblogs on Tumblr as native WordPress posts. It even downloads the images in your Photo posts and saves them in the WordPress Media Library.

Mein persönliches WordPress Plugin der Woche! Wer sich jetzt fragt wofür ich das Plugin brauche: dafür.